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Play your Google-hosted music in any player on your device. FREE TO TRY OUT! Transfer 50 songs for free. Transfer unlimited songs with the in-app purchase of an unlock key. This app is for use with your Google-hosted music account. This app will not work properly without one. This app will allow you to transfer your music directly from the cloud into your local device library so you can play it in ANY media player installed on your device. Main Features: - Artwork tagging is native. No need for remote queries or yet another app to find the artwork. - Music is instantly made known to the device. No need to reboot or unmount/remount sdcards for the device to discover it. Why you need this app: Keep your music in the cloud, instead of on your device. Then download whatever music you want to listen to and play it in ANY player. It's your music; play it however you want.

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date 2.1.53

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