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SARAH is an-all-in-one smart home system and the heart of your intelligent home This SARAH app is exclusively to be used alongside with SARAH server version 1. To use the new SARAH server 2, the new SARAH 2 app is available on Google Play. SARAH - All in one Smart Home SARAH is the all-in-one smart home system and thus becomes the heart of your intelligent home. The smart home system takes charge of an incredible range of your everyday devices and ensures that you have more time for the beautiful things of life. You can access SARAH at home using your tablet or from the road on your smart phone. For various areas of application: SARAH communicates with the devices via bus cables, radio or via the existing power cables using wide spread technologies like digitalstrom, knx, SONOS, Philips HUE and many more. This means that Smart Home is easily possible in both current and new buildings. Your individual SARAH SARAH adapts to you and becomes your very own personal control of your home. Each of the controlled devices is displayed on a visualized floor plan and can be moved freely there. The room views are designed completely according to your taste with individual photos. Practical: Directly access your favorite applications in the favorite view. My home is my castle SARAH’s data belong to the inhabitant of the Smart Home and nobody else. SARAH doesn’t save any data in the internet, but stores it locally in your home. The communication to SARAH mobile-app is end-to-end encrypted, so that only your devices and the inhabitants of the Smart Home can access it. Even the installer can’t access your data without your explicit permission. SARAH accompanies me through my life Needs of people change in the course of their life and so do their requirements of their homes. By using an open standard, SARAH is constantly developed and adapts to its environment. Thus, interfaces to new devices are constantly reviewed and developed. You can add new updates and modules to your SARAH on an online platform.

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