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We should listen to music together! A music playground full of fun, play VIBE A music app that turns into karaoke anytime, anywhere, and allows you to listen to songs and talk together. ​ [Introduction to key features] ◼ A new listening experience for you, 'Audio' A night to fall asleep with the artist, 'Sleep Guide' Invisible movie, so more powerful 'audio movie' When you want to concentrate, when you need a sense of stability 'ASMR' Dreamy melodies as if wandering in a dream, the artist's soft voice 'Sleep Mix' Please look forward to more diverse listening pleasures in the future.​ ​ ◼ Party room where you can listen to music and talk together You can listen to the song in real time with others and share your appreciation with voice chat and emojis. Listen to your favorite music together with people with the same taste, such as acquaintances, friends, lovers, and fan cafes. ​ ◼ Turn into karaoke wherever you are Use the karaoke function when you are bored just listening to your favorite songs every day. With just one tap on the player, any place turns into a karaoke bar. ​ ◼ Player optimized for music apps With a single tap on the player, you can easily access karaoke, view lyrics, and party rooms, and the function grouping is convenient. Every playlist that plays is separate from the song list, so it doesn't mix with my picks. Play all the latest albums and recommended playlists to listen without burden, and easily manage playlists by adding only the songs you like to the 'Songs' list. ​ ◼ Auto-recommended play If you turn on automatic play recommendation, the genre or mood of the song you've been listening to will be automatically selected and played continuously. If you find a song you like while listening, you can add it directly to your playlist. ​ ◼ Mixtape to listen to today Every morning, I collect my favorite songs and make a mixtape. Between the songs I like, I also hide songs I think I might like. ​​ [VIBE Official Channel] ◼ Tips for using VIBE: http://naver.me/xogE1G9t ◼ VIBE update news: http://naver.me/5O4RJOMm ◼ Privacy Policy: http://policy.naver.com/policy-mobile/privacy.html ◼ Terms of Use: http://m.music.naver.com/app/ticket/purchasePolicy.nhn?serviceName=vibePurchase — ※ Support for Android Wear OS - You can control songs playing in the VIBE app from your Android Wear OS device. - To use it smoothly on a Wear OS device, you must be logged in to the VIBE app. ※ Permissions for the following items are required for smooth use of the VIBE app. [Required Permissions] - Files and media (photos and videos, music and audio): Required to store music and other content on the device, or to view/play music stored on the device. - Phone: Required to check device information when storing music content on the device or playing stored music. - Camera: Used to change the cover image with a photo you took yourself when editing the playlist. - Microphone: Required to use the music search, karaoke and party room functions. - Nearby devices: Required to connect with nearby devices such as Bluetooth watches and headsets. (From Android 12 and higher) - Notifications: Required to receive notifications of important announcements, events, and promotional information. (From Android 13 and higher) ※ To use VIBE smoothly, Android 7.0 or higher is required. ※ For inquiries and suggestions during use, please use ‘VIBE App > Storage > Profile Settings > User Guide/Error Report’! — A separate fee will be charged for the purchase of paid items. Email inquiry: [email protected]

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