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Unlimited calling & texting with your second local phone number! Textfun lets you make unlimited calls and text messages   over Wi-Fi or cellular data.No matter where you are, you can text and call to keep in touch with friends and families!  Get a real US personal phone number for free with TextFun.  Easily convert your tablet and other devices into mobile phones and easily get a second number without another SIM card, choose one for work and one for family. ★No ads! ★Let you have a real US number! ★Various call and SMS plans can be selected, enough for you to use! ★The registration method is simple and fast, protect your privacy! ★Super-saving international calls, get through to any number in the world! TextFun Key Features Your Second Phone Number ✔Provide a new US phone number! ✔TextFun can be your second phone number! ✔No mobile plan required, make calls for Unlimited! ✔You can use this number to text and call anyone! ✔Domestic and international calls, free Wi-Fi calls allow you to call anyone, even if you don’t have a mobile data plan! Unlimited Texting ✔Receive SMS messages from any mobile number! ✔Save money and send text messages to domestic and foreign countries! ✔Funny emojis for you to choose! International Calls ✔Make international calls without paying expensive roaming charges! ✔Your local number or textfun number can be displayed on the other party's phone according to your choice! Call From Your Tablet ✔No mobile plan required, use your Android tablet to call and text to friends and family! ✔Connect to Wi-Fi for texting and calling! ✔Provide a second phone number for your tablet to text and call for free! ❤Contact Us Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BestTextFun/ Email: [email protected]

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