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Thousands of free songs for your hearing pleasure If you truly enjoy music and you don’t listen to just one or two bands, then check out Biit, it’s the perfect app for discovering new bands, new songs, and new styles the only way you can, by listening to them. You have a series of different channels (rap, indie, rock...) which you can access to listen to random songs from that genre that have been put in order of preference with votes by other users. All you have to do after hearing the song, or before finishing it if you don’t like it, is vote in favor, or choose to not hear it again, ever. That’s it. To listen to all the music you will, however, need a permanent connection to the internet using 3G or WiFi. This way, you'll be able to receive any of the thousands of songs on the biit database, as well as send your votes and create your personalized channels. If you ever know that you'll be left without internet, you can always activate the 'listening to music offline option', you'll then have a few saved songs to hear on your Android device. Biit is one of the best ways to find and discover new music. There are tons of great artists you don’t know about that are waiting to be heard.

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