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A helpful tool for taxi drivers and passengers! Are you lost? This application will help you know your current address, showing the street number and data of the region in which you find yourself, besides that you placed you achieve on the map to get an idea of where you need to go. Also has a taximeter which can be configured to know how much your travel must cost, useful for passengers and taxi drivers! Features: - Taximeter fully customizable. -Display showing the street you are located also map marking the position. - Displays information about the travel time and cost. - Profiles with setting rates for the following cities:      - Mexico City      - Bogota      - New York      - Los Angeles      - Seoul - Map in which it traces the route taken when starting the taximeter - Tweets with local information and that can be filtered by keyword -You can share with your friends address position in google maps through whatsapp, sms or social network. ******Forget the ads and support the growth of this app by downloading the paid version******

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