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Enjoy international communication and make friends around the world Gaga Hi is a global diversified social APP to meet users can enjoy the fun of internationalized multi-language communication and freely open your heart, record your life truly, share what you have seen and across language barriers , understand the wonderful world, make friends all over the world, let you closely connect with the world and share Metaverse diversified social interaction experience. 【The main function】 ①Multi-language instant translation makes global communication easier; ②Chat online in real time to enjoy the fun of international communication; ③Recommend smart friends to make friends around the world; ④Share and show in the square to appreciate exotic customs. 【Scenes to be used】 ①Share life: share daily life anytime and anywhere; ②Global Friends: meet friends from different countries; ③Real-time translation: communicating with the world across language barriers; ④Understand the world: view and share global trends.

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