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Auto add a “Shot On” Watermark Stamp on Photos using Built-in Camera. ◇ ‘Shot On for Camera’ is a simple app that provides you the functionality to auto add “ShotOn” tags watermark on your photographs captured from the built-in camera. It facilitates you to choose any brand logo as per your preference along with the functionality to edit signature text e.g “Shot On (Your Device Name)” and “Shot By (Your Name)”. With these customized watermarks Tags, make your every Photo you capture even more spunky irrespective of any device. We aren’t kidding! ShotOn for Mi, Shot On for OnePlus, ShotOn for Vivo, Shot On for Oppo can also be imprinted on your photos with your chosen logo. Show off your photography skills with your perfect device Camera by auto adding these stamps to your photos! You just have to capture photos as you generally do i.e. with your built-in camera app and at the same moment ShotOn watermark tags will be added on them. ★ Why you should count on us? ✌ An Absolute Freebie Package for All Users ✌ Only App that allows you to add your custom Shot On logo. ✌ Editable ShotOn & Shot By Signature Text. ✌ Editable Position for these tags. ✌ Set of Colors to Make the Stamp Look More Attractive! ✌ We also support ShotOn for Sony, Shot On for Samsung and the list goes on and on. Simply Download the APP > CHOOSE BRAND LOGO > EDIT Shot On Tag > EDIT Shot By Tag > You’re good to go. Often times you may have come across ShotOn tags over images taken from Dual camera sensor capable and high-end smartphones. No, we ain’t telling you to buy that phone, instead just Download this simple app that is providing you same ability on all the devices! ✔ Features you wished for, delivered! ➺ Wide Variety of Brand Logos to Choose from ➺ ShotOn Tag Stamp Position Changeable ➺ Shot On Tag Signature Fields Editable ➺ Functionality to add custom Logo ➺ Choose your phone model according to brand ➺ Ample Colors to Customize Text ➺ Watermark Text Size Resizable ➺ Expansive Font Formats No need to download separate apps for individual features like before, Shot On watermark for Camera sums up all the required features for adding ShotOn tag. Just point your inbuilt camera on the subject and you’re done. ✔ How you can use this app? The list is endless, still we have listed the most popular ones below, ❋ Enhance Opportunities for Freelancers As a freelance photographer, you can use Shot By tag to let the digital world know where the photo exactly came from. ❋ Showing Up your brand new phone. Bought a new phone? Doesn’t have ShotOn feature inbuilt? No worries, just download this app and customize these copyright tags. Moreover it also supports Shot On for Intex, ShotOn for Honor, and many other devices. ➺ Now show your phone brand and model with every image you capture and share socially! ❋ Professional Mobile Photographers for Sharing Their Work. Mobiles phone photography is getting famous day-by-day due to the fact manufacturer providing rich quality like camera functionality and quality even on budget phones. People are actively sharing their work on different social media platforms and photography related sites. ➺ With ShotOn Tag you don’t have to specify your handset name and brand everytime you share photos online. ❋ Securing your photographs while sharing online. ShotOn tag also plays the role of copyright and trademark marker for all your photographs protecting it from any misuse. 🌟 Accumulating every single aspect of Shot On Watermarking Camera App, we can conclude that it provides the best features in the market packed in a sole package. Without any second thought Download the application straight away from here and start adding cool Shot On Tags!

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