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A digital photo album, square squares and a personal calendar Hi, nice to meet you. In the Lupa application you can design and print all the following: stunning photo albums, photo squares that stick to the wall in an instant (the next generation of the canvas) or a cool calendar that you make in chic, from all the photos on your phone. What is special about our photo books? First of all we call them books, because they will tell your story in pictures. The lupa application knows how to take your photos and automatically turn them into a lovely digital album. You can use it to design albums of 144 pages or less, in five different sizes, for example 30 x 30 cm in size, which is huge. You can upload up to 864 photos, choose dozens of stunning designs in our design boutique, write exciting texts next to the photos and make a group album with friends What is special about our photo squares? This is the next generation of canvas printing. We call them Lupa in a square and they are actually your photos from your phone, PC, Google Photos or Instagram that we print on quality photo paper and frame in a special patent frame for an elegant and artistic wall look. All you have to do is stick them to the wall with the special premium stickers that come in the package, and tell a story on the wall from your photos in a stunning collage that will cause smiles from wall to wall. What's cool about our personal calendars? that you can make them chic. Start them any month you want with the photos on the phone and add personal dates. Personal calendars come in three sizes, with 12 design options and most importantly: you get a free month. Why Lupa? Because we are like you when it comes to pictures. This is the story of all of our photos: taken in a second and forgotten in a second and never published. So if you have experienced a birth, wedding, birthday or circumcision, a photo book is the perfect gift for you. One that you can touch, feel in your hand and then in your heart. In short, to do something really good with the photos is to make a loop

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