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App for Disney 3-in-1 Potty Systems and Disney Insulated Hard Spout Sippy Cups. This free companion app for Disney 3-in-1 Potty Systems and Disney Insulated Hard Spout Sippy Cups includes two different and fun ways to interact with your child. Click Potty Time to open the digital rewards app that works with the Disney 3-in-1 Potty System. It is specially designed to help you encourage your child during the potty training process. This innovative rewards system combines a colorful potty time chart with Disney stickers and gives them a digital twist. Add one of the included character stickers to the chart when your toddler uses the potty. Scan the character sticker with the app, and a Disney friend will fill the screen with cheerful music and an encouraging message. Click Sippy Cup to bring some magic to both you and your child’s day. Designed to work with specially marked Disney Insulated Hard Spout Sippy Cups, this companion app lets you invite Disney friends into the room with you! Simply scan the code on the bottom of the cup with the app; then watch as your favorite characters magically appear in your camera with music, sound effects and animations. Take a picture or video of the fun, and your child will delight as they see themselves with some of their favorite Disney friends. You can also take a picture or video and then share it with your friends and family through your phone’s camera roll.

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