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Are you tired of not having wifi? We have the solution to your problems! This app will not be updated any more. Please download the new version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.trucas.wifi Do not receive Wifi? Have you run out of data on your Smartphone? We have the solution to all your problems get free wifi passwords! With this new application, you will make everything easier. Thanks to its integrated map you can connect to the Wi-Fi networks of your city. Make an analysis of all the Wifi connections that are within your reach and if the network password is the one that comes by default, you will get it instantly. If you also want to move around the world, with this app you will have Internet at all times obtaining free Wi-Fi passwords from any country you move to. It turns out not to be connected! - Get the nearest WiFi access point. - Available in more than 30 countries. - With millions of free WiFi access points. - Available in all languages. - Recover the password from your wifi router. - Access the application offline. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Click on the network that you have chosen and select it, at that moment if the network is available you will receive the key, and you can be connected to the Wi-Fi network in question. If it is a wifi network open simply select it and you will connect automatically. • Green Network: Unlocked • Yellow Network: Open • Red Network: Blocked Join, share access points, and rate!

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