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The app that helps keep your children safe online: Parental controls made easy SafeLagoon is the only parental control app that allows you to remotely see what your child is doing on their device while it manages screen time on their tablets and smartphones. Safe Lagoon lets you monitor conversations from your parental phone of SMS texts and many other DM chat messengers that kids use today. Safe Lagoon provides detailed location tracking information so you know where your child’s device is and where it has been. Parental control filters stop your kids from viewing inappropriate sites while our app lets you monitor all your children's activity, screen time, app usage, location, photos and videos by using its companion parental app. Guard from potential risks like cyberbullying, suicidal thoughts, sexting and pedophile predators on social networks. Try for FREE now!🥇3 day free trial🥇 🔅 Monitor Instant Messengers 🔅 Find your child’s location on a map with GPS 🔅 See the route that they took during the day 🔅 Monitor app usage and web searches 🔅 Block Apps and Games on demand or with a schedule 🔅 Monitor Calls and SMS texts: block specific numbers and block phone time on a schedule 🔅 Lock or unlock the child’s phone with a simple press of a button Are your kids spending too much time on their tablet or phone? 🐙 Manage excessive screen time by setting time limits on apps you want to restrict or the entire device itself. Are the apps on their phone appropriate for kids? 🐠 New apps require your approval before they can be used. Are they getting enough sleep? 🦀 Block all apps at night: healthy schedules can do wonders for children How are they using their device at school? 🐟 Full control and monitoring, block games but allow educational apps during school hours. Are they being bullied? 🐋 The ability to easily monitor SMS text, IMs, and social messages lets you see if your child is the victim of cyberbullying or being exposed to bad influences. See Screen Activity: Our Screen Mirror service lets you see the activity of the screen on your child’s device. This is especially useful for capturing disappearing sexting images that may be sent through apps such as Snapchat or Tic Tok. Healthy Time Management Safe Lagoon lets you simply schedule screen time and app use. Keep track of how long your child is spending on their device. Allow educational apps. Instant Messaging Monitoring Safe Lagoon's unique method for monitoring your child's IM conversations provides insight into the most popular messengers. This app uses the Device Administrator permission and Accessibility services. The Accessibility Service is only used for supporting Safe Lagoon app functionality such as saving browsing history, website visits, instant messenger history and reporting app activity and screen content to block unwanted or malicious apps, detect attempts to uninstall the app and warn parents. Safe Lagoon collects location data to enable parents to find their child's device on a map even when the app is closed or not in use. We manage app time limit, parental control internet, wifi parental control, kids app lock, parental control app for cellphones, android parental control app, parental monitoring app, kids mode, look app and app lock. More info at: https://safelagoon.com

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