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AbGram is an auto liker for Instagram that can be used to power up and give greater visibility to a user profile by adding likes and comments to posts Get likes and followers for your Instagram account Building a good brand image, whether personal or business, is partly about having powerful profiles on social networks. Instagram is one of the biggest and to enhance our presence on it, we can opt for shortcuts like AbGram. Enhance your Instagram profile with an auto liker This tool allows anyone who logs in to Instagram via this app to get likes and comments on their profile posts. To achieve this, all they have to do is go to one of the posts published and choose either comments or likes, and indicate how many they want with a maximum of 20 each login. The mechanic is simple and fast, although, if truth be told, the interface is a bit confusing. However, using these kinds of apps involves two fundamental risks. One is privacy, and we have to remember that we are logging in to Instagram via a third-party app without knowing a great deal about its developers. The other is related to Instagram's own internal policy whereby if it detects anything fraudulent, such as collecting fake likes and comments, it can lead to sanctions that may even include a permanent ban.

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