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Answer and make calls like an ULTIMATE TRAINER! Remember the AA batteries, the no-backlight screen and the magnificent 16-bit graphics of your glorious vintage handheld console?? Remember when you used to want to catch 'em all? Relive those days while answering your calls! PLEASE NOTE The battle is NOT playable! PokeDialer is a phone application (Dialer) and not a game, therefore the battle is only a graphic simulation. We are NOT looking forward to make it playable at the moment. FEATURES • Customized In-Call user interface which show an incredible battle just like the original game boy game! • Choose a Trainer and Monsters for any of your contacts which you will then "battle" against everytime you make a call with them! • Choose your own Trainer and Monsters among the first 493 of the National Index! • The whole app is styled in the classic 90's handheld console theme! • Dark Mode and different ways to activate it! • Editable Call Log! • Contacts list! • Customizable Quick Responses! FAQs • Will it be possible to play the battle? We are not looking forward to make the battle playable at the moment since it would defeat the purpose of the app, which is that of being a Dialer. Additional details will most probably be added in the future but still a real battle will NOT be implemented. • I have a Xiaomi/Redmi device and the app isn't working properly such as not showing up when I receive a call. In order for the app to work properly, it is necessary that you grant PokeDialer all additional permissions in your device's settings, under the App sections. We cannot unfortunately do that for you. • Will it be possible to make it work with Whatsapp/Telegram/etc calls? We are only able to customize the standard calls User Interface, we cannot do the same with third-party apps calls unfortunately. • Will it be available for iOS? There won't be an iPhone release due to software limitations on iOS preventing us from doing the same thing we do on Android. • What if I have another question or issue? Feel free to reach out at [email protected] or to any of our social accounts! CONTACTS AND LINKS Website: pokedialer.com Email: [email protected] Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/pokedialer Follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/pokedialer Join our Discord: discord.gg/C87Qqd4 DISCLAIMER PokeDialer is a third-party unofficial app made by fans, and is NOT affiliated with the Pokémon brand, Game Freak Inc., Creatures Inc., or Nintendo.

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