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Enjoy no history & anonymous browsing with the best private secure web browser. Private Browser for Android is the most private secure browser app with default Incognito Mode, Bookmarks Encryption and Secure Download. Our powerful password guard and tracking protection give you anonymous access to all information in an undisturbed environment. Enjoy your safe surfing with the incognito web browser. How Best Private Browser enables you to have an ultra-safe browsing and downloading experience? Default Incognito Mode As a professional incognito mode Android browser, we provide users with auto privacy mode. No need to switch to another incognito window, all operations are anonymous and safe. From entry to exit, all your browsing history, cookies, even sessions will not be saved and tracked. Our permanent incognito mode protects every incognito mode Android browser user secure all-around. Traceless Searching With an intelligent private search, you’re able to explore more secrets on the internet without any traces. There is no search history whenever you open a private browser explorer to search. The incognito mode browser ensures your browsing history not be recorded. Moreover, this private browser app supports private search engine Duckduckgo. Strong Bookmarks Encryption Private Browser offers an enhanced free password lock that allows users to keep personal bookmarks secret when browsing online. If you accidentally forget your password, our secure incognito browser also gives a secondary password question to let you reset it. Secure Download Private Browser with tracking protection blocks all site tracking to ensure that you are 100% safe when downloading videos, documents, and images on the Internet. With the most advanced anti-tracking technology, Android incognito browser provides you with the perfect anonymously downloading experience. Block Malware Websites Experience an incognito secure browser. Agile Private Browser can recognize fake “virus warnings”, malware websites and pop-up ads, block unsafe websites fully automatically. Double Click to Exit Our best incognito web browser supports a faster exit app gesture operation, just double click any website you’re browsing. 🔮More highlights in Best Private Browser: Acceleration Mode There is an acceleration mode for downloading video and files. By speeding up the loading and downloading process, fast private browser lets Android users quickly browse and save time on downloadable files. Multiple Tabs Switching Our incognito mode Android browser allows you to switch between multiple private windows to quickly find information. You can close many incognito windows at the same time with one-click cleanup. Download Pictures in Tumblr Download pictures in Tumblr app much easier! Even the GIF format. Just copy the image link on Tumblr and paste it into our incognito search bar to download it. With the private web browser, no one knows what image you downloaded. 📜 Questions you might ask when using Private Browser app: Can private browsing be traced? No. Incognito web browser uses the strongest anti-tracking protection technology, you can surf the internet without leaving behind a local trail of history, passwords, cookies, and other assorted bits of online information. What can private browser bring to us? Don't worry about the leakage of your sensitive information in public. The shopping website will not give you smart recommendation products based on your browsing history. You can browse about psychology, illness, adult websites etc. in relax. 🗸Incognito Mode 🗸Secure Download 🗸No history Browsing 🗸For Android Download Private Browser, the optimal incognito browser for Android and explore more with your friends! If you 💕 us, don’t forget to get a rating ⭐for us! Contact us: Email: [email protected]

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