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Assassinate enemies in counter terrorist attack mission in deadly shooting game. Are you getting tired of playing the same old sniper games? Will you like to take on a new deadly sniper mission and fight against terrorist strike? Lead your commando squad as a first-person shooter and become the number on first person shooting expert to dodge the enemy attack of every level. Whether you are a beginner in gun shooting or you want to make the most out of your counter terrorist attack mission, this amazing game has got all the unique elements of fun, excitement, thrill and deadly challenges for you. From the 3D immersive sniper games environment to a collection of exciting new weapons, this deadly game is ready to take you on with your pro sniper skills to the end. Play Mission Counter Attack – FPS Shooting Critical War now! Real Gun Shooting Sniper Mission Take the lead and assassinate all the members from the enemy attack. Secure your top position in the commando squad by destroying the general and targeted enemy attacks on your team. You have all the authority to take the lead in this fast paced first person shooter game. Counter terrorist attack and make the most of your sniper killing abilities in this mission themed gun shooting game. Destroy Your Enemies On Ground or Mid Air Will you like to explore new angles of killing your enemies? If that is the case, this gun shooting game offers a terrain killing mode as well as a helicopter assassinate mode where you get to sit in a helicopter and assassinate the enemies from above. Every level will come with new challenges and newer elements designed to help you complete your sniper mission. Zoom the sniper target into the enemy attack and release the shot to assassinate the enemies. Exciting New Counter Terrorist Attack Controls Auto reload, crouch, jump and smooth scope controls with minimal recoil make Mission Counter Attack FPS the best shooter gaming experience on mobile. Use the mini map to watch out for the enemy that approaching towards you and stay alert to survive till the end. With tactical AI, identify and use high level offense moves like throwing a grenade to hold you engaged for hours. So, get ready for the ultimate rain of bullets while using the medi kit to refill the health regularly or you will die soon! Mission Counter Attack FPS Game Controls - Use Joystick to move around - Touch and slide the screen to aim and kill the enemy - Use sniper mirrors to zoom in and out and aim at and kill enemies - Click the Shoot button. Launch bullets Features of Mission Counter Attack – FPS Shooting Critical War • 3D immersive sniper games experience with HD environment • Countless new gun shooting features and sniper mission weapons • Challenging terrorist strike missions with increasing level of trouble • High paced first person shooter game featuring counter terrorist attack • Lead the commando squad and destroy the terrorist strike moves Download and enjoy Mission Counter Attack – FPS Shooting Critical War today! Don’t forget to rate us better!! Must share your opinions we always appreciate user feedback and recommend for future updates!

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