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Bixby Vision is the function of Samsung's Bixby assistant that's integrated into the device's camera that comes along with augmented reality functions The augmented reality app for your Galaxy S camera Back in 2017, Samsung released the voice-based virtual assistant Bixby for its Galaxy S8 range, which just like Google Now, Siri or Cortana intends to helps us to run certain tasks such as carrying out online searches or setting reminds for events and appointments. Bixby's augmented reality This assistant is split into three parts: Voice, Home, and Vision. Voice allows users to activate the assistant by means their voice or by long-pressing the button under the device's volume control. On the other hand, Bixby Home allows us to interact with fitness trackers or household appliances from our device. And finally, this Bixby Vision is integrated into our device's camera application acting like an augmented reality app that's capable of identifying objects in real-time and offering us the possibility to buy them if they're available. It also supports QR code reading, the recognition of important references such as signs or text translations.

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