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3D Avatar & Chat Create your own 3D Avatar, choose your Personality, explore the World and meet fun new people! 1. With advanced 3D facial reconstruction technology, create and adjust your facial and body features at easy. A complete system of hairstyles and clothing can help you become the most eye-catching person in the crowd. 2. Choose your Meing Personality, relate to your avatar like never before! Personalize your Meing Personality further by adding your own characteristics and let others easily understand you! 3. Explore the Meing World, ever step you take might bring you closer to fun new people! Want to chat, flirt, play or just meet new people? You can do that all in the Meing World! 4. Join topics and share activities to let people in the World know more about you! 5. Adopt your own pet, take care of it, play with it and explore with it, your pet might bring back gifts for you! 6. Advanced avatar chatting system, let's you choose customized body language actions to "act" out your reactions! Still reaching for Stickers and Memes? 'Meing' needs your suggestions and support, so please feel free to contact us: E-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @meingapp Instagram: @meing_app Facebook Page: @MeingApp Youtube Channel: Meing Website: http://en.meing.ai

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