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Get real followers to your Facebook Pages based on interests SEE HOW TO USE: https://goo.gl/2yQKLm READ THE RULES: https://goo.gl/APq24C Discover new Facebook Pages, give likes to what suits you and get new followers for free! * Works for Facebook Pages, not for personal profiles or photos. * "Likes for Pages" was designed to help you get new real followers to your Facebook Pages that are really interested on the topics that you publish, through exchanging likes. To every Like that you give on a page inside our app, you win 1 coin to your page. Your page will be promoted and showed to every users that are interested in the same topic of your page. Your coins will be deducted as your page get Likes (new followers). You can associate all the pages that you manage to topic categories, then you'll get only followers that are really interested on the subject that you publish. Here you don't need to like Pages from topics you're not interested only to promote your pages! You choose also the categories you want to view. If you don't like the page, just skip it and see the next one. From this, we hope to promote your pages and help you to get more followers that really matters to you! FEATURES: *** Users who stop following the pages they like through the app will be penalized with permanent blocking by our team. *** Win coins to every pages that you manage on Facebook. *** Choose the language of each page: it allows that users from other languages find your page. *** Follow the statistics of how many likes you got for each page, how many views your page had and how many coins you still have. *** When you don't have more pages to Like in your language, you can change the language of the app to see pages in other languages and keep earning coins. ++++++ ---> Keep your page always with coins available to continue getting likes. Pages with 0 coins won't appear in the app. HAVE FUN GETTING LIKES!!! :) ====== Sugestions about new categories and doubts about the app? Send us an e-mail to: [email protected]

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