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You can get JD Pantoja best HD Premium quality wallpaper in this app Juan De Dios Pantoja Wallpaper | JD Pantoja New Are you a fan of JD Pantoja, known as juan de dios pantoja is a newcomer singer who is successful and gets a lot of fans, we provide cool wallpapers about the latest juan de dios pantoja for you JD fans and of course the newest Juan JD was born on November 16, 1995, in the seaside town of Mazatlan in Sinaloa, Mexico. His full name is Juan de Dios Pantoja Núñez. Juan is married to fellow "YouTuber" Kimberly Loaiza. Juan likes hamburgers. He likes listening to music but hates horror films. It is allergic to several things, including strawberries, grass, and cold. He is afraid of cockroaches. Juan became a vlogger after launching the 'YouTube' channel, 'Juan De Dios Pantoja,' on June 9, 2014. However, he published the first video, '50 COSAS SOBRE MI | Juan de Dios Pantoja, 'on March 26, 2016. The video asked him to share 50 facts about him. Juan gets a lot of attention from people with the agreed video. This produced more than five million views. And Juan De Roast Yourself - JD Pantoja's Challenge, 'which was published on July 20, 2018, has more than 90 million views, the highest on the channel. At present, Juan's first 'YouTube' has more than 15 million subscribers. Juan has a second 'YouTube' channel, which was launched in collaboration with talks. started in September 2017 and titled 'JukiLop' ("Ju" from Juan, "Ki" and "Lo" from Kimberly Loaiza, and the first letter from Pantoja). Unlike Juan's 'YouTube' personal account, this channel is primarily a vlog channel. Both are more important in documenting special moments of life. Some of Juan's videos have been made in collaboration with other artists. One video, titled 'Sigue La Cancion,' features singer Cornelio Vega Jr. and was released in July 2016. The video also features "YouTubers" like El Super Trucha. In 2017, Juan released his first single, 'Tell Lies.' In December 2018, he released the single 'Se Motiva' which featured Khea. Juan has received several 'MTV Millennial Award' nominations for his music on social media. Those are all interesting introductions from Juan JD or Juan de Dios Pantoja Enjoy Juan de Dios Pantoja HD Wallpapers with several advantages that we present: - 350+ Juan de Dios Pantoja Full Hd (4K) wallpapers available - Latest handsome singer wallpapers - Best Juan JD Wallpaper Application in 2020 - Best husband wallpaper from Kimberly Loaiza Let us make it easy for you to use this cool singer wallpaper application, we present the steps as follows: - Wait for the process of downloading the best wallpaper application is complete - open the Juan JD 2020 Wallpaper application for free - Select the picture of Juan JD or Juan de Dios Pantoja that you like to make your home screen and lock screen - Create Juan de Dios Pantoja pictures as cool backgrounds - Select the save Juan JD image - Share this most popular wallpaper application on your Facebook and Whatsapp so your friends and relatives can enjoy and feel the same excitement as you do. Rejection: the latest wallpaper application made for wallpaper lovers, does not work with any party and is unofficial

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