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Damage-per-second calculator for the game, Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) This app is a tool that helps you compare different sets of gear in Deca Games' Realm of the Mad God. The equation that determines your damage per second is quite complex, and not accessible to the player inside the game. This makes it hard to tell what gear is better in specific situations. This app solves that problem. NOTE: Any item that includes abnormal logic or damaging abilities beyond the weapon shot itself will be calculated as though those do not exist. Items such as Exalted God's Horn, Divinity, and B.O.W. will not have accurate dps, unfortunately. As of 03/07/2021, including these special abilities is my next goal for this app. Ability DPS is also currently not included, but also on the schedule for development. Features: - Includes all player-attainable items - Apply status effects - Set bonuses are included - Filter items by type - Compare up to 8 builds Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] with any feedback or feature suggestions! I would love to hear your input.

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