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Cheap international calls to mobile and landline phones Enjoy international calls at the best prices to cell phones and landlines in over 200 countries. Cheap calls to mobile ★ Very easy to go, no registration required. ★ You will get few credits for free, which allows you to make test free calls. ★ You don't have to purchase credits. Credits can be earned by watching a video or completing simple tasks. ★ We are working with multiple local VoIP providers to allow you to make free international calls to mobile phones using the most stable and cheapest routes. Cheap international calling ★ No additional costs - no connection fees and no hidden costs. ★ No expiration date - purchased minutes won’t expire. You can use your credits even after several years to make cheap international calls. ★ We connect millions of minutes each month due to our low rate policy and premium VoIP routes. ★ We are the cheapest VoIP provider on the market. Our prices for calls are several times lower compared to other VoIP apps. See our calling rates below. Free calling app ★ Your peer doesn't need to be online or install this app, you just dial a phone number to make a free call to mobile. ★ You can enable call recording that allows you to record all the outgoing calls for free. ★ You can configure callerId for free. CallerId is the mobile number that will be shown for all calls made through IEvaphone. ★ If you don't want to configure callerId - make a call to your friend anonymously. ★ Make a free call via WiFi or 3G/4G cellular data, cell minutes are not used. Popular countries ★ Cheap and free international calls to over 200 countries. ★ Free calls to India, cheap calls to the USA, Canada, China, Pakistan, UK, United States, United Arab Emirates, Mexico. Calling rates ★ India: $0.007/min (less than a cent per minute) ★ United States: $0.009/min ★ China: $0.017/min ★ Saudi Arabia: $0.089/min For actual calling rates see - https://call2friends.com/tariffs How to make a free call? ★ You need Wi-Fi or 3G Internet active connection. Wi-Fi or 4G (LTE) is highly recommended. ★ Use the keyboard to dial a number only in the international format (e.g. 13862694536 for the United States, 442032981838 for the United Kingdom). ★ Before making a payment, make a call to 12345678 and make sure you can hear yourself.

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