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Create amazing animated messages and share them with the world! This is Veemee Video - mobile messaging with attitude! Veemee Video allows you to create amazing animated messages and share them with the world. Simply pick a pre-set character, or create your own with the Veemee Avatar Creator*, then record your voice into your phone. Choose a cool background image (or take your own), pick an animation, then send as a message to your friends & family or post on social media to share with the world. Insanely good fun & bursting with possibilities, let your Veemee speak out for you! - Send a birthday message with a difference. - Flirt with the one you love. - Speak out about something that's buggin' you. - Sing a song. - Break up with that no-good loser. - Say sorry for being 'that guy'. - Tell the world how you feel inside. - Share a joke with your buddies. - Get creative - There's no end to what you can do! Veemee Video is the most fun you can have with your phone. Check out the following features: • Choose from 8 pre-set characters or build your own in the Veemee Creator* with billions of combinations. • Record your voice and watch your Veemee come to life. • Bring the scene alive with a personalized photo background. • Select from an ever-expanding list of animations including taunts, flirts & dances. • Save & share your creations using any messaging app or post on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram & more. * Don't forget to create your own custom Veemee character! Download the Veemee Creator App for free! Signup for an account and collect your 2000 free Gems! Check it out now! * Want to save your Veemee from being squished by a giant rock? Download Veemee Temple Tumble for free!! Check it out! * Want your Veemee to become your live wallpaper experience? Download the Veemee Live Wallpaper App for free!! It's ALIVE ON YOUR DEVICE!! * Want to play Tap Tennis against your Veemee? Download Veemee Tap Tennis for free!! Check it out! Be sure to keep your app up to date as the Veemee world is growing daily and there’s always another surprise for you to find and explore! Veemee - It’s Virtually You!

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