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ParentLove Baby Tracker, Share newborn feeding, breast feeding, pump log, sleep ParentLove is the Baby Tracker app designed and constantly enhanced by a Newborn Care Specialist & Breastfeeding Specialist (CLC), Mother of 2! ParentLove Baby Tracker App is your all-in-one Baby Tracker, that will allow YOU and ALL care providers to easily TRACK and seamlessly SHARE with your family all baby’s important activities... from breastfeeding, bottle feeding, diaper change, breast pumping ... all the way to doctor visits, illness (fever and medications) tracking, growth charts, your breast milk stash... and so much more! We designed ParentLove Baby Tracker App because… we are parents like you... and we could not find the perfect tool to care for our daughter to understand her routine, never forget her last or next event, have peace of mind and be in control! PARENTLOVE BABY TRACKER HIGHLIGHTS: ✔ SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE ✔ FREE UNLIMITED SHARING with ALL your Family & Baby Care Providers! ✔ STATE- OF-THE-ART BABY TRACKER REMINDERS ✔ HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE ✔ UNIQUE DESIGN ✔ DETAILED BABY TRACKER CHARTS, TRENDS AND REPORTS ✔ BREAST MILK BANK - track stashed Breast Milk available set pumping goal ✔ DAY AND NIGHT MODE ✔ ACTIVE TIMERS ✔ BABY SLEEP TRACKER WITH ACTIVE TIMER SYNCING BETWEEN DEVICES: Ideal when taking turns! PARENTLOVE BABY TRACKER FREE FEATURES ACTIVITIES: Baby Feeding Tracker: Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding Interruption, Breastfeeding active timers, Bottle Feeding - multiple content tracker with breast milk and formula, Solid Food Feeding, Diaper Change. Baby Sleep Tracker: Naps and Overnight Sleeping with sleep interruptions, Baby Sleep Tracker Timer syncing between devices. Pumping Tracker: Pump log Baby Care Tracker: Tummy Time, Crying, Milestones FEATURES: Reminders, Sharing, Supports Twins - Multiple children, Daily Journal, Glance Summary, Stats and Trends Charts (2 weeks data), Data Syncing REPORTING: Activity Reports - Activity Details and Summary - Milestone Report PARENTLOVE BABY TRACKER UPGRADE FEATURES HEALTH: Doctor Visits – Well-ness and Illness Visits, Illness Tracking: Condition, Temperature and Medication, Fever Charts, Baby Growth Charts, Supplements, Pediatrician Report, Medicine Cabinet, Allergies, Vaccines BABY CARE: Bath Time, Massage, Nail Clipping, Outdoor, Playtime, Oral Care, Reading BREAST MILK BANK: Stash Breast Milk Inventory!

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