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Xingtu is a fun and powerful Chinese photo editor platform that you can utilize for your TikTok content. It is packed with beauty enhancements, creative filters, magical effects, and other editing features that can embellish your simple pictures. Xingtu Chinese name 醒图 is a free photo editing tool. This is an easy-to-operate, powerful all-around photo editing app, where you can easily get the ultimate effect, you never expected. One-click beauty & Delicate Skin Texture One-click operation with high-quality textured skin. Naturally delicate and no false white, easy to repair, good skin tone. Precise beauty, true nature The details are adjusted more precisely, and the overall facial features are more natural. Personalized fine-tuning, perfect preservation of personal characteristics. Three-dimensional facial features get an advanced face Say goodbye to flat, increase light and shadow, and enhance the three-dimensional sense of the five senses. Accurate get most suitable for your advanced face. Powerful, comprehensive, and detailed Powerful and comprehensive; no need to turn to another app. One-stop solution for all photo retouching needs. Xingtu Privacy Policy: https://www.retouchpics.com/clause/pp

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