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Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? Profile Visitors & Social Analyzer for FB Most advanced and fun Facebook analytics app on the market. Check your interactions with your friends and strangers. Discover friends who checked your profile, strangers who stalk your profile, your secret admirers and who you admire most. Find out your best friends, your old friends, people who like you most and your photo interactions. Totally Free App / No In-app Purchase You do not need to pay anything to get the full functionality. All other apps force you buy, rate or share; we don't. Just watch short videos to unlock features. Ten Different Analysis For Facebook™ Facebook followers insight: Discover your interactions, secret admirers, people you admired, your best friends, your lost friends, top likers, top commenters, interactions on your photos, most likes on photos and most comments on photos. ❶ Who Viewed My Profile (Profile Stalkers) See who checked your profile. People who you have the most interactions. ❷ Secret Admirers (Who Likes You Most) Discover people who admire you most ❸ Who You Admire Most (Who You Like Most) Find out who you like in your heart ❹ Best Friends (Close Friends) Find out all times your best friends ❺ Lost Friends (Old Friends) Find out people you interacted in old days but not anymore. ❻ Top Likers People who give more likes to your posts ❼ Top Commenters People who comment more often on your posts ❽ Who Interacts With Your Photos Most People who has the most interactions with your photos (likes, comments, tags, posts, mentions etc) ❾ Top Photo Likers People who give most likes to your photos ❿ Top Photo Commenters People who give comments to your photos Discover both your friends and strangers Every list includes your friends as well as strangers. Strangers are the people who are not in your friends list. They may be your friends's friends (2nd degree connection), just click on their names to go to their facebook page and find out who they are. Track ranking changes You can compare current rankings to previous ranking easily. Every list shows arrows and numbers at the bottom right of each row. Those numbers show change in ranking compared to previous analysis. For example, if person goes up from row 5 to 3, you see a green arrow with number "2"; if person goes down from row 2 to 7, you see a red arrow with number "-5". App Features • Followers Insight: Get insights about your friends and followers • Facebook Analytics: Learn people with most likes and comments • Social Analyzer: Discover friends who interacts with your profile most, your best friends, your real friends and many more • Ghost Followers: Find out friends who are inactive or do not actively engage with you We care for your privacy • We do not request your email address. • We never share or post anything on your Facebook™ profile. • We do not send any of your data, even your userid and name, to any remote server. All of the processing is done on your phone. About Who Viewed My Profile / Who Stalked My Profile / Profile Visitors / Who Checked My Profile Apps Facebook does not provide any information about people who have viewed your profile.

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