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The most advanced VPN client for OpenVPN,SSTP,WireGuard,SoftEther,ShadowSocks... With this app you will able to connect to any OpenVPN (TUN/TAP), SSTP, WireGuard, SoftEther, ShadowSocks, OpenConnect (ocserv) servers and Cisco AnyConnect SSL gateways. The basic OpenVPN feature is free for all. To use other protocols and features you need to buy a license. The requested permissions are used for these purposes: * Storage permission is used to import VPN configurations and export logs/backups/etc. (Android < 10) * Location permission is used to get the current WiFi SSID. The SSID is required for the auto connect function. The location of the device is not read. (Android >= 8.1) * Camera permission is used to import VPN from QR codes. * The QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission is used to allow the user to select which apps are allowed/not allowed to use the VPN. App features: * OpenVPN TAP device support without root permission * OpenVPN VLAN 802.1Q support * OpenVPN Obfsproxy support (obfs2/obfs3) * OpenVPN scramble options support * Import/export OpenVPN configuration * SSTP EAP-TLS support (Authentication with certificates) * SSTP EAP-MS-CHAPv2 support * SSTP MS-CHAPv2/CHAP/PAP support * SoftEther TCP * SoftEther UDP over DNS / NAT-T * WireGuard protocol * ShadowSocks protocol (AEAD, AEAD-2022, Stream) * OpenConnect protocol * Cisco AnyConnect SSL protocol * Biometric authentication * Port knocking (udp, tcp, fwknop, url, ping) * Connect on demand * Auto connect on boot * Auto connect/pause/disconnect on WiFi/Mobile/WiMAX * App filter * DNS over HTTPS * DNS over TLS * Split DNS by domain * Local hosts mapping to override DNS requests * Failover VPN profiles * Tasker/Locale plugin * Widgets * Quick settings tiles * Dynamic shortcuts * Import pem, der, pkcs12 certificate formats * Support for certificates in KeyChain * IPv6 support * Support for HTTP/SOCKS proxies * Support for customized HTTP headers * Backup/restore configuration * Wear OS companion app to control VPN from your watch (require Android >= 8.0) * Wear OS complication for fast access to your favorite VPN (require Android >= 8.0)

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