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Latest news, fast and secure browsing Note- Only Vivo phones support all the features of this app. Some functions may not work on other brand phones. This is the official app of Vivo mobile. Vivo Browser is a free android browser with fast downloading, ad-Block functionality and private browsing feature. It helps you to access trending news, funny videos, and popular websites quickly. It also allows you to check cricket scores instantly. Main Features ★ Ad Block ★ Fast Downloading ★ Latest News ★ Home screen shortcuts ★ Trending Videos ★ Quick Notification for Cricket Score ★ Incognito/Private mode ★ Night mode ★ Fast Browsing ★ Ad Block- vivo browser effectively block pop-ups, banner and other kinds of annoying ads. ★ Fast Downloading- Download your favorite videos, songs, and files with fast speed ★ Latest News- Get the update of top and trending news without any delay on Vivo browser ★ Home screen shortcuts- Visit popular website quickly with one click from your home screen ★ Trending Videos- Watch trending and funny videos directly form Vivo browser ★ Quick Notification for Cricket Score- Get live score of important cricket matches ★ Incognito/Private mode- Use the internet securely and privately without any record of history data ★ Night mode- Use night mode to get better browsing experience in low light ★ Fast Browsing- Enjoy the fast browsing speed with Vivo browser For help & feedback, please contact our help center in vivo browser.

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