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Save your QR Code VaxiCode is the official application from the gouvernement du Québec to allow citizens to securely record their proof of vaccination containing a QR code. --- It allows citizens to register multiple proofs of vaccination containing a QR code, as well as verify the contents of each of the QR codes. With VaxiCode, users can also know their protection status from COVID-19, through an interpretation of their proof of vaccination. The proof of vaccination saved in VaxiCode is encrypted on the device and is not transmitted to anyone. Only a presentation of the QR code allows the user to communicate their proof of vaccination to a third party. No usage analytics are collected by VaxiCode. VaxiCode requires a weekly update, via the Internet, of the vaccine protection rules. The app asks for user consent before downloading new rules. The only communication with the Internet by VaxiCode takes place when checking the availability of these updates. Access to the camera is required to read QR codes of proof of vaccination, or access to the phone's photo library to import the image of proof of vaccination.

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date 1.3.14

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Ministère Santé et Services Sociaux du Québec





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