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VaCuba takes hassle out of Long Distance calling. Send Topups & SMS VaCuba is the ultimate application for low-cost Long Distance calls. This dialer simplifies the long-distance calling so nicely and still providing all the flexibility that you may need. No more pins to remember, no access number to dial or phone numbers to remember, not even the speed dial numbers to be remembered or dialed. You can even use VaCuba to make local calls over your internet connection when you are running out of allowed minutes in your wireless plan. VaCuba provides you different calling methods to meet your wireless plan and calling needs. Calling methods include Local Access, Callback and Internet Calling. VaCuba also allows you to transfer your account balance to friends and family in over 110 countries around the globe on their cellular accounts. HOW IT WORKS You own cellular number is your account with VaCuba; you get a passcode in SMS message or a phone call to authenticate you. Default calling method is Local Access, when you dial a phone number or choose one from your contacts; dialer attaches this number to a local number on our servers and dials that number. (Your Wifi/Data internet connection will be used for this local number setup). This local number automatically connects the call to the long distance number you originally dialed. If you have chosen “Callback” as calling method; when you dial a number or choose one from your contacts, dialer will send this number to our servers and our server will send you a call back on your phone number and connect this call to the number you originally dialed. Last but not the least is the “Internet” calling which makes the call using Wifi/Data internet connection without using allocated minutes from your provider. Internet dialing is also the best choice while you are roaming out from your provider’s coverage and have an internet connection available to you. TRY IT FREE Yes VaCuba is free to download and we even set you up with a start-up credit to try the application and call quality. Once the free credit is finished you can easily recharge your account from our website or from your mobile.Features• Cheap long distance rates• Premium voice quality• No Pins or access numbers to dial• Option to call using “Local Access” or “Call back”• Works seamlessly with existing contacts, no need to remember long numbers• Easily check rates for any destination before you call (or check by destination number)• Easily recharge your account using our website or from your mobile• High call completion rate• Per minute rates, no setup costs or hidden fees

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