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Scan any TV channel and listen to a live stream the TV's audio on your phone! With Tunity, you can tune in and listen to live TV audio everywhere you go! Hear any muted, live TV audio directly on your mobile phone. Simply scan the TV channel you want to listen to, and Tunity will locate and stream the TV audio through your headphones or bluetooth speaker! Where Can I Use Tunity? To put it simply— EVERYWHERE! Now with QUICK TUNE: Listen to a previously scanned channel without having to rescan! Easily switch between channels and listen to multiple TV screens. AT HOME - At home with others reading, sleeping or working and don’t want to bother them with the TV sounds? Use Tunity to remotely listen to TV audio on your phone! BARS - Next time you're at a sports bar, scan the TV channel and hear all the action from the game YOU want to hear! GYMS - Tune in to any live TV and move freely about the gym without disconnecting your phone audio! UNIVERSITIES – If your roommate is asleep or studying, Tunity lets you watch TV without disturbing them! WAITING AREAS, AIRPORTS, HOSPITALS - Don’t stare at a muted TV when you can pass the time by fully tuning in and listening to whatever it is you’re watching! HARD OF HEARING - Those with a hearing impairment can listen to the TV audio at a volume that works best for them, without affecting anyone else in the room! See what others are saying about Tunity: ""Really clever. This would be a great companion at the gym to listen to muted TV's in front of rows of elliptical machines"" - Ryan Hoover. Founder, Product Hunt ""Tunity streams TV audio to your smartphone…and it's darn cool…the app has the potential to be a huge hit"" - CNET

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