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⭐100++, 100% FREE Servers Hosted by Volunteers from the VPN Gate Project⭐ ⚠️SERVERS ARE HOSTED BY VOLUNTEERS, WE HAVE NO CONTROL AS ON WHAT SERVERS ARE AVAILABLE. I SEE PEOPLE DOWN VOTING THE APP BECAUSE TAIWAN IS NOT AVAILABLE. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. ⭐ NO OBSTRUCTIVE / AGGRESSIVE ADS - We are users like you, we know how it feels like to have ads popping out of no where, we only show ads once upon successful connection to cover our listing/caching server cost ⭐ Bypass blocked websites and applications ⭐ Hosted by volunteers from all over the world by the VPN Gate project ⭐ Fast and lightweight ⭐ Built in VPN connection feature ⭐ Unlimited Bandwidth ⭐ Minimal configuration required ⭐ Free of charge at no cost ⭐ 100% secure access ⭐ Disguise your IP address while surfing ⭐ Protect yourself using when public WiFi networks by utilizing it's strong encryption ⭐ DNS Leak Test - OK! Features ======= 🎌 Search by multiple attributes 🎌 Sort by multiple attributes 🎌 Simple one screen interface Tips === 💡 For higher success connection rate sort by Score in descending order 💡 If a connection does not work well switch to another country and try again, usually higher scores connection are better Credits ===== 🙇 VPN Gate Project (http://vpngate.net) 🙇 UI is provided by FlatUI for Android by Emrullah Lüleci (https://github.com/eluleci/FlatUI) 🙇 Underlying OVPN codes is handled by OpenVPN for Android project by Arne Schwabe (https://github.com/schwabe/ics-openvpn) 🙇 Launcher Icon is made by TutsPlus from Flaticon (www.flaticon.com) licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0. 🙇 nik Nikola ([email protected]) for volunteering to translate the app to Russian ⚠️: I HAVE RECEIVED REPORTS FROM REVIEWS THAT THIS MIGHT NOT WORK IN YOUR COUNTRY BECAUSE OF GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION.

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