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¸¸.* ⓣⓔⓛⓔ ⓧ *.¸¸Advanced unofficial telegram, with many features After a long period of experience in streaming messenger applications, it decided to create an advanced telegram with no extra features, and after a long effort and survey, we provided all the capabilities needed by users in one application. Tele X is operating on the basis of direct communication with the telegram's servers and operates the received identifier (APPID) from the side. The source code of this project has also been published in the Gateway Hub according to GPL3 rules. - What is Tele X? Tele X is a unofficial version of the telegram that allows you to use this messenger , every Tele X feature available to your needs, and we are constantly developing this product. Some parts of the Tele X capabilities: 😍 Preview of the chat: With this feature, you can see your chats before opening the chat page Super advanced settings: In Tele X, for the sake of convenience and respect for your taste, we have made it possible for each program point to be adjusted and adjusted. ⚙️ Professional Conversation: In addition to arranging your chats, it is possible to edit and switch professional locations for the tabbed system. 📥 Download Professional Manager: Manage your downloads with this feature, and easily download your downloads with Tele X during your traffic cuts. added this feauters on the new version of tele X: add 3 account anti filter system online users contacts changes user finder temp channels sort proxies by ping share avialable proxies delete unavialable proxies 📃 Separation of conversations on multiple fronts 🗒 View the contacts tab in the fountain 🔝 Go to the first conversation message 🏕 Painting on the chat page 🙊 change sound !! 🏃 Go to the first channel or chat message 👶 Quickly save messages for yourself 👶 Save the sticker like a photo ➡️ Format types of the message: Advanced, no quotes and quick (Tabbed system and public chats selection for Firewall) 🎀 Marking a specific message ♨️ Quick and easy access bar on the chat page ✻ Possibility to chat up to 10 chats! 🎙 Change the sound (turn your voice into a robot, spatial, rough, thin, bump, etc.). 🔉 Broadcast voice message before sending Project Source in the Goethe Hub: https://github.com/TelegramX/TeleX-master

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