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Looking to improve your English speaking skills? Talk Now - Learning English app. Introducing Talk Now as an English learning app that is here to help you strengthen your English conversation skills. With more than 10 Lakh downloads, Talk Now offers practical English learning with real users across the world. Talk Now App is free to be used every day for English conversational learning as it is the new way to learn English! Talk Now is the English language learning app that will help you master yourself through reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills with users that are also thriving to learn English! Talk Now makes English learning easier with games, calls, and chats! Moreover, it also gives you demos about having real conversations like greetings, or first day in the office and many more! It’s time for you to ditch the boring fat books and the courses as well so that you spend your time getting practical learning experiences that will benefit you in a number of ways like building confidence, expanding vocabulary, and diving into an ocean of knowledge about the English language. A more exciting and interesting experience awaits you at Talk Now! Reasons for you to choose Talk Now! - Choose an English language partner as per your convenience and whose needs match yours. - Practice the English language with audio, text, and calls to help you with pronunciation and vocabulary. - Correct your Grammar with practical conversations! - Talk Now also provides blogs on conversations to show a demo of how, to begin with, conversations! - Make your English learning experience fun with games offered by Talk Now. With good internet connectivity, you can have a real-time conversation through call and chat that will help you with English-language skills which is much more exciting and interesting than theoretical learning. How to use the app? - Download the Talk Now App. - Signup with your Google Account. - Add your name and profile picture. - Send requests to your friends from your contact lists or random users. - Switch to the online mode to send and receive audio calls to have conversations. If at all you wish to delete the app for any reason, your data will get deleted as soon as you delete the app. So, you will not have to bother about data protection. One thing to keep in mind at all times is that Talk Now is not a dating app and it should only be used for English-learning purposes like to talk in English, practice speaking English, to improve English, and to improve pronunciation as well as expand vocabulary. Meeting people with a dating purpose is not allowed in the Talk Now community. However, you can make friends from across the world with the purpose to learn English. So what are you waiting for? Download the Talk Now App and have the best practical English learning experience!

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