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Tales of Androgyny is an adult RPG with rogue-lite elements where you will meet a multitude of androgynous characters who you will have to face in combat Taking androgyny to a new level Even though you can't find them on Google Play and will have to go to alternative sources such as Malavida, adult games for Android do have a fairly large audience. This category is dominated above all by two genres - adventure and RPG. And Tales of Androgyny belongs to the latter. A rogue-lite RPG with androgynous characters As you can imagine from its name, the game presents us with a range of characters with androgynous features, some more masculine and others more feminine, who you will get to know in the role-playing adventure mode and who you will frequently take on in combats to subdue or be subdued, whichever you prefer. As for the graphics, the game takes its inspiration from RPGs with a manga-anime aesthetic, so if you are familiar with the genre, you won't find it too difficult to find your way around: Rogue-lite style game. Animations for characters and enemies in combats. Loads of lewd out-of-battle scenes. Customize characters to your liking. All kinds of achievements and challenges.

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