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Tactile Player 3.0!Control your music player with your phone's volume buttons! Control your music player with your phone's volume and power buttons! Finally you don't have to take out your phone, unlock the screen, and navigate to your music player just to change the song. With Tactile Player you can change the song just by using your phone's volume and power buttons, even in your pocket. Double Press the volume UP key for NEXT. Double Press the volume DOWN key for PREVIOUS. Triple Press the Power key to toggle PAUSE/PLAY. (You can change this to double press or never if you like). Simple as that. These controls are modular so you can make the volume down action trigger next or the power button trigger previous, it's up to you! Tactile Player supports most stock players (the "Music" app) along with third party media players such as: PowerAMP, Pandora, Google Music, Google Listen, doubleTwist, PlayerPro, Amazon MP3, Mixzing, and most other popular media players. This is the free version with no ads, it is fully functional and never expires. Though, some options and the widget are only available when you upgrade to the full version. You can upgrade right in the app (no need to download another app). Now you can use your favorite music player and control it with your phone's tactile buttons, thanks to Tactile Player. Try it out. Note: You can turn the service off anytime, just open the app, press the off button, then close the app. Or if you have unlocked the full version there is a widget to quickly turn the service on and off. Note: Samsung users using the default music player on your phone, please select the "Simulate Headset Option" in the Choose a media player setting. If you have any problem using the service, please email us at: purelogicapps{{at}}gmail.com. Please, please come back to rate the app! And share it with your friends! Thanks!

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