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Super recorder pro, The best voice recorder and Editor for Android. super recorder pro, The best voice recorder and Editor for Android with the best quality. super Recorder pro is a high-quality voice recording application, a simple and easy-to-use voice and audio recorder. Store your recordings as voice memos and share them with your friends. This recorder uses high quality for you the best recording experience. This application is a simple user interface, an instant start and easy to use. A simple way to record your meetings, personal notes, lessons and more without time limit. Characteristics - Record voice, audio, music, song and all sounds. - User-friendly interface, easy to understand to use. - File Format: mp3, ogg - Play, pause, stop the audio file. - Send / Share your recording. - Delete your recording directly from the app. - Save the recording file. - You can bookmark important points - Live audio spectrum analyzer - MP3 encoding with adjustable sampling frequency (8-44 kHz) - Recording in the background (even when the display is off) - Microphone gain calibration tool - Save / pause / resume / cancel control of the registration process - Easy to use list of records - Send / share a recording by email, sms, mms, facebook, whatsapp, dropbox, etc. - You can change the playback speed - Does not support call recorder Our application is included in these similar applications: Enregistreur vocal pro super enregistreur audio super Audio.Recorder Audio.Recorder voice record audio memos vocal reorder dictaphone magnétophone

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