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Build the strongest team of pets and tussle with your friends! Build a team of cute pets with unique abilities. Battle against other players. Everything is at your own pace in this chill free-to-play auto battler. - Arena mode Chill asynchronous multiplayer without timers. Can you get 10 wins before losing all your hearts? - Versus mode Intense synchronous game with 8 players and quick decision making. Can you be the last team standing before another team knocks you out? - Standard packs For players who want to start playing quickly. Packs contain the pets that are available during gameplay. Standard packs are pre-built for everyone and offer a fair competition. - Custom packs For fans of deck building. All pets can be mixed and matched to create satisfying combos. More expansions offer even more possibilities. - Weekly packs For fans of variety. Weekly packs are generated every Monday and contain a completely random set of pets for everyone to play.

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