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Companion app for Striiv activity trackers Use this app with your Striiv or Walgreens fitness tracker to view your daily activity. Personalize your home screen to display the activity metrics you want to track and connect with other Striiv users on their way to achieving their health goals. Other features to check out include: • Social - Connect with your friends and other users as you progress to your fitness goals together • SmartWatch* - See incoming call alerts, read your text messages, and control your music right from your wrist • Activity Data - See your historical activity and sleep patterns plotted on daily charts Join other Striivers who’ve already lost weight, lowered their BMI and reduced their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke through tracking their activity - continue your health journey with us. *SmartWatch features vary by device model - check your device for a full list of capabilities. Note: This companion mobile app is required to successfully activate your Striiv or Walgreens activity tracker (learn more about Striiv and our devices at www.striiv.com).

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