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SportLook is a streaming video surveillance software SportLook is a streaming video surveillance software, connect the phone through a hot sports DV , real-time monitoring. Live cameras using the most advanced streaming media solutions , can achieve low-latency , high-quality images. Software features: 1. Live Preview motion DV video screen . 2. You can control the motion DV take pictures , video , photography slow operation . 3. The camera features which include ordinary camera , regular camera , automatic camera , camera trajectory . Features include video , loop recording , time-lapse recording . Slow photography can be set according to different resolution . 4. The motion may be provided directly to the DV terminal -related settings, such as exposure, white balance and so on . 5. connection, real-time browsing, file management movement DV terminal , also can be downloaded to the phone side backup. Prompt information:If the connected device always appears offline, please enter the mobile file management directory to delete the sportDV folder,then reconnect the device

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