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SimplePacketCapture(root) is packet capture app such as Wireshark and tcpdump. * In this application , rooted is needed. It is an application which creates the log file of form which captures the packet which flows through the network interface of a terminal, and can be read with applications, such as Wireshark and tcpdump. A log file can be sent to the application of e-mail, and others. A log file is outputted by a binary file. It cannot be concluded that applications, such as tcpdump and wireshark, are not used. ** When you uninstalled, please Stop the packet capture ** some commands are used, it may be unable to start depending on a terminal. Please understand the situation. ** when su command is old There is the case that it does not start == usage == * input path of a log file * choosing a network interface Capture is started by [Start] button. [[Server]] [Start] Start packet capture in settings [Stop] Stop the packet capture [Display Log] A log can be displayed even when having started other applications /sdcard/[The log file name to be saved] [Send Log] A log file can be sent to the application of e-mail, and others. [refresh interface] Displays the current interface that can listen [[LOG]] [Clear]The log is cleared. [[Wifi]] Wifi [On] It makes it to wifi on. [Off] It makes it to wifi off. Scan [Start] Surrounding wifi is scanned and displayed. [Stop] The scanning is made off. [[Exit]] [Exit] The application program is canceled.

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