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Monitor and control your kid's activities and content on mobile and protect them Sentry has developed a number of proprietary automated tools to help parents protect their children from dangers of unsupervised usage of smartphones by monitoring and controlling the content and your child’s activities. Sentry’s sophisticated algorithms enable continuous monitoring over your child’s mobile. Parents are notified only when suspicious content or behavior is detected, thus keeping child’s privacy and maintaining a healthy parent/child relationship. Our parental control solution is firstly installed on the parent’s device, which is then followed by instructions on then how to install Sentry on your child’s device. It is up to you whether you would like to share that you have installed the parenting app with your child or not. In any case, you will need physical access to child’s phone for about 3-5 minutes to install the app and start monitoring. After the installation process, you will be able to see the following parental data: Parent device - Suspicious images received or created on child’s device - Your child’s real-time location - Apps usage - Battery status - Child’s device volume (Silent/Vibrate/Normal) - You can turn on the child’s device volume remotely, in order to reach him - Monitor all calls incoming and outgoing - Manage which notifications you would like to get on any event on child’s device Child device - The child app is protected and cannot be uninstalled - The app itself can be hidden (no icon) - it is controlled remotely from the parent app. We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear from you on how the experience was… And don’t forget to share with other friends and families.

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