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Safely share internet connection over Bluetooth; no root / tethering plan needed FAST, FREE ¹, SECURE TETHERING OVER BLUETOOTH: (SHARE INTERNET CONNECTION LIKE A MOBILE HOTSPOT) ✔ Share your mobile internet connection with your computer or Android tablet ✔ Get internet on your computer or Android tablet anywhere you have cell service ✔ ANY data connection on your phone will work (4G, 3G, LTE, GPRS, WiFi, WiMax, ...) ✔ No need to pay for a tethering plan from your mobile carrier ¹ ✔ No need to root your phone or tablet ✔ No need to install any custom software on your computer ² POWERFUL SECURITY AND TETHERING MANAGEMENT FEATURES: ✔ Built-in strong firewall helps protect your computer from hackers ✔ Avoid the risks of using a WiFi hotspot (no need to worry about recent WiFi hacks) ✔ Monitor all incoming and outgoing internet connections to detect spy-ware ✔ Block websites, for example to prevent Windows updates on a limited data plan EASY TO USE: ✔ Detailed setup instructions with screenshots for Windows, Mac OS X, Android ✔ Connect with a single double-click (or two taps) after initial setup is complete ✔ Manage and monitor connections directly from browser on computer or tablet ✔ Extremely low idle power use, so app can be ready to connect 24/7 ✔ No need to touch phone at all to connect if within Bluetooth range (same room) MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: ✔ Delivers full performance that Bluetooth and cell service can provide ✔ Includes DNS cache to speed up website loading and reduce data use MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY: ✔ Share mobile internet connection from any Android 2.1+ device ... ✔ ... with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, ... ✔ ... Mac OS X 10.5+, ... ✔ ... Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich or newer), and ... ✔ ... Linux (experimental) ✔ Port forwarding supports most streaming, gaming, VoIP and other software ✔ Support for Bluetooth DUN ³, SPP, LAP, and custom serial port protocols ¹ SecureTether uses your phone plan's regular data volume (not the tethering volume) and works without a tethering plan in most cases (some providers detect and block tethering traffic based on traffic content in addition to locking down the phone). Regular data rates apply (which may be zero on an unlimited data plan unless roaming or other charges apply). ² Computers need to be configured, but only using tools that come with Windows / Mac OS / Linux (may require OS installation media or internet in some rare cases). Android client devices require small (less than 0.5 MB) client app that can be sent to client device over Bluetooth using SecureTether (i.e. installation does not require internet) in most cases. ³ Blocked on some phones, in which case SPP can usually be used instead.

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