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Share your phone screen on any computer with a web browser over wifi This app was developed for presentations of android apps in mind, featuring low latency, high framerate streaming of your Android device. With this app you just open a website hosted on your Android device from your network and it shows your screen. No installation of any software other than this app and web browser needed. I highly recommend using a up to date browser with asm.js support like Chrome or Firefox on the client. Edge should work fine too. Dont expect the greatest results with Internet Explorer <11. Performance may vary greatly depending on your WiFi connection and client computer. A good setup should be able to handle "High" quality with <1 second delay and ~30 FPS. Does not work well with most SmartTV's as the processors of the TV's are too slow for software h264 decoding, which is what the client javascript is doing. Thats basically the reason why chromecasts exist. This app supports only one connection to a single computer because of bandwidth limitations. Also note that this app tries NOT to be a fully featured streaming app with supports for alternate protocols (like chromecasts or rtmp), its designed to be very small and just a neat tool for displaying your screen for presentations without the hassle of installing something on the client. Devices using the Exynos processor (mostly Samsung devices) are much slower in video encoding than devices using the Qualcomm processor, resulting in choppy video up to 10 second delay. Notice this a very early release of this app and there may be issues regarding video encoding. Those will be resolved when i get access to more devices to test the hardware capabilities, as this app requires a hardware h264 encoder. If there are any issues with this feel free to app contact me @ [email protected]. Infos about your hardware will go a long way when resolving a issue.

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