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Free R6 Tracker stats ,Check your R6 stats and leaderboards ,R6 News & updates R6 tracker is a statistic FREE app that specializes in tracking R6 players stats. Here at R6 Tracker you are able to check R6 players stats, leaderboard,news and daily R6 highlights , all of that from your phone 📱 and in one single app ✔️ . we providing so many cool features on our app, let’s start with first feature of R6 Tracker App. 📈General R6 stats: we providing so many statistics in this section like: ✓General Wins,Kills,Losses,deaths ✓General k/d, w/l ✓Daily Played matches ✓Bomb, Hostage ✓Past Seasons Top Rank ✓Operators much Played ✓Hours & Games Played ✓Main Operators ✓Aliases History 🥇R6 leaderboard : in this section you can track R6 leaderboard of all R6 servers and platforms ( europe ,america,asia ) . Note :Leaderboard is getting updated every 2 hours . 📔R6 news : Here we are sharing latest R6 news, update ,patch notes and upcoming R6 updates. ⭐R6 highlights : Here we are listing the top highlights R6 clips every day and you can also submit your clip ✉️. R6 Tracker Upcoming Features : ✓R6 Pro League Result Matches ✓Upcoming,Ongoing,Completed Tournaments How to use R6 Tracker? : ➡️Open search menu ➡️Type player name and pick the player platform ➡️Pick the right player from the list You can also save players in your favorite list by clicking in favorite icon in the top . For report bug,cheater,verified badge request...or any suggestion please contact us on : [email protected] or click on menu button and click on R6 Tracker Support button and drop us a message we will reply in less than 20 hours . The trademarks Rainbow Six, the Soldier Icon, Uplay, & the Uplay logo are owned by Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries.

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