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Share Interests, Explore Communities, and Be Creative! Project Z, aka the Z app, is a social app that empowers you to connect with friends, express yourself through creative designs, and build a community of like-minded individuals. Within the Z app, you can chat with new friends, create and design amazing content, and collect Merch that showcases your unique personality. The app also offers a platform for you to open your own Shop and list your digital Merch, allowing you to fund future creative projects. Whether you're looking to connect with others, express yourself, or showcase your creative talent, the Z app has everything you need to leave your mark on the digital world. So...What exactly can you do on the Z app? ● Be Yourself Show off your unique persona. Build your personal space with Z's wonderful tools to let your personality shine: - Add special backgrounds, icons, and themes to your profile. - Build your Bio with text or voice and add tags to share your interests! ● Post your Content With our post tools, you can change font color, make it bigger and create polls. Your post drafts are stored on our cloud, which means your content will always stay on your account, even if you change your device. Never fear that your hard work will be lost forever! ● Live Parties & Voice Chats Join Live Parties for the coolest experiences with the coolest people -- Chatrooms allow you access to a world of new friends, centered around your shared interests! Use the tools our live Parties give you to make your experience memorable. With Screening Rooms, you can watch movies, streams, or youtube videos together with other people, and chat about what you are watching in real time! With Voice Chats, talk in real time with people from all over the world. Share life stories, sing a song, discuss the latest games you've played, a school club you joined, or get even closer through Roleplay and various challenges! ● Explore Circles Circles are like subreddits or facebook groups, they are places to communicate about shared interests with like-minded people. You can create your own Circle or join an existing Circle. Z's got Circles about Fan Art, Anime, Otanix, RPGs, Undertale, Minecraft, BTS, Pokemon, Harry Potter, My Hero Academia, Manga, LGBTQ+, ARMY's, Beauty, Cyberpunk 2077, Among Us, and many many more! Join your favorite Circle to find your people! ● Live Roleplay & Text Roleplay Still searching for RP partners? Want to participate in Live Roleplays or Text Roleplays? Whether you want your role-play to have a Fantasy, Supernatural, or Horror theme or be an Adventure, we've got it here! - We're a platform connecting the world's Roleplayers - We provide a better way to organize your plot and characters - You can invite a friend to start a 1 on 1 Roleplay, or create group Roleplays with up to 100 people! - Always get confused about who is Roleplaying and who is just chatting? You can switch between active roles whenever you want ● Get Creating Our creator tools give you the option to create your own works of art, whether it‘s drawings, audio tracks, videos, or photo albums, and the ability to use your creation on Z. - Turn your penchant for art into sellable Merch: Open a Shop in our Marketplace and you can even sell what you create! - Become your own content creator through videos and other releases! We always want to provide more ways for you to get creative, so look out for our ever-improving tools! ● Start Collecting Our Marketplace is filled with awesome goodies, so start your collection today! - Swap, Sell, Trade, and Gift what you collect or create - Show off your Collection in your Treasures Z's vision is to become the hottest place for young generations to express themselves and make online friends. New activities, tools, and updates each month - and we're open to all your ideas to help us become better. Let us know what you like, don't like, or want to add by emailing [email protected]. We'll keep working hard to make a better Z, and we hope you'll be a part of it with us!

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