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Relaxing music for pregnancy and unborn baby in womb Download this free app “Pregnancy Music” and enjoy it now! If you are looking the most famous music for pregnancy and unborn baby in womb, you do no need to download mp3, just install the app and listen! Listening to this "Identity Music" have a lot of effect on developing unborn baby's brain. It is proven most music help baby more intelligent after being born. That's Why is it IMPORTANT to listen to music during pregnancy? Each track has been carefully selected to provide your baby brain in developing infants, memory stimulation, positive emotions and make your baby smarter. Mozart is one of best volume that you should to be listed, relaxing instrumental music, mozart lullaby for baby, classical music baby, baby piano music, Guitar Music, violin music and lullaby music. Features: ☆ Pregnancy music with Audio/Mp3 listening. ☆ Internet connection is required that you don't save your device storage. ☆ Clear audio ☆ Share from App ☆ Simple and easy to use ☆ Free Pregnancy music app will help you increase a healthier and stress free birth experience and helps with the depression that many pregnant women experience. And if you're listening to music for pregnancy for prolonged periods, it's best to keep the volume below 50 dB (the sound level in most neonatal intensive care units). Benefits of listening pregnancy music during pregnancy ☆ Mellows down your agitated mind and soothes your senses in a unique way! ☆ Reduces the stress and anxiety ☆ Helps with the depression that many pregnant women experience ☆ Stimulates brain function in developing infants ☆ Improves comprehension of exact sciences and many others ☆ Make your baby smarter Please support us by telling your friends about "Pregnancy Relaxing Music" and leaving us a good review! Notice: ☆ If you are Android 7.0 user, when the screen turns off will go to dormant state and stop connecting to the Wifi. ☆ Please go to the setting and choose "Wifi", turn on the function "keep connecting the Wifi, even if dormant state". ☆ This is first version so it can some bug, if you wrong please tell for me, we will fix it quickly.

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