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Android proxifier that allows you to redefine network traffic with flexibility With Postern, you can redefine your the behavior of all your devices' network traffic: 1. Network traffic can be redirected through your configured proxy servers. You don't need to configure proxy for each App and Apps that do not support proxy also will honor proxy configuration. All you need to do is put your proxy server in Postern and specify which hosts/destinations should be visited through the proxy. Postern supports all popular proxy servers, like no other Android Apps do, as below: SSH Tunnel Shadowsocks SOCKS5 Proxy HTTPS/HTTP CONNECT method Tunnel gfw.press And it naturally can be used to by-pass Internet censorship(for Chinese users especially and in corporate networks that have firewalls to block you from certain sites), and a perfect tool to hide your IP address/identify. 2. You can also use Postern as a sniffer, to capture data packets from all Apps. And analyze these packets for your own purpose. Visit our site for Postern tutorials and configuration samples : https://github.com/postern-overwal/postern-stuff

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