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Interia Mail - free e-mail application Mail INTERIA is a free e-mail application. It is fast, intuitive and easy to use. You can add any of your e-mail accounts to it to receive and send e-mail in one place, on your phone or tablet. Poczta Interia enables the management of e-mail accounts, incl. from websites: • Gmail • Onet mail • WP Mail • O2 email • Yahoo Mail • Outlook Mail Create an e-mail account on the portal Interia.pl and add all your e-mail addresses in the application! Key Features: • when a new e-mail arrives on your account, the application will notify you about it thanks to clear and instant push notifications allowing for a quick reply or deletion of messages • you have the option to disable notifications for incoming messages to the Offers folders (newsletters and promotional newsletters, e.g. Groupon, Tesco, etc.) and / or Communities (messages from social networks, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) • simple navigation allowing you to easily navigate throughout the application • intuitive message writing with auto-save and auto-complete contacts and the ability to add multiple attachments at once (Android 5+) • avatars on the message list to help you find e-mails from a specific sender • user filters, including, inter alia, the "friends" filter, thanks to which you will only see messages from people with whom you correspond with one click • the ability to mark the most important e-mails with stars • the ability to send files from other applications, galleries, etc. from the level of Mail Interia • the option of simple viewing and downloading of photos - attachments in the Gallery What makes the Interia Mail application special: • preview of photos and information about other attachments visible immediately on the message list • user filters, including the "from friends" filter, thanks to which you will only see emails from people with whom you correspond with one click on the message list • you have the ability to customize the appearance of the mail to your preferences by adding your own wallpaper (management from the browser) • the ability to add e-mail aliases and automatically reply to e-mails from the address to which it was sent • unique message grouping system - after entering the e-mail, you have the opportunity to read all correspondence on a given topic. • automatic filters - you decide which e-mails are to be moved to other folders by default - thanks to this your mailbox will be organized • every e-mail going to your main account will appear in the application in real time, without the need of additional refreshing and changing the application configuration • security and privacy protection • small application size Other facilities: fast emptying of spam and trash folders • silence option that will silence notifications about new e-mails while you sleep • advanced search engine • quick logout • operations on multiple messages and many others. The Poczta Interia application looks great and works just as well on smartphones and tablets. Provides full functionality of the Interia mail service . We are fully responsible for the security and privacy of your e-mails, as one of the largest Internet companies in Poland with many years of experience in providing e-mail services. If you like our application, we will be very grateful for rating it 5 stars. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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