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The revolution in the organization of the traditional gift exchange. Pikkado revolutionizing the organization of the traditional exchange of gifts. Indeed, it is no longer necessary to gather all the participants at a fixed date to proceed to draw or start over many times because someone has drawn himself, someone has drawn spouse or someone has drawn the same person as last year. Virtual Secret Santa will save you valuable time dealing with all this and more. It is not important that your participants have an Android device, as long as they have internet access, they can use the same application to a browser. Creating a group is very simple, you enter the names of the participants with their email address and voila. From the moment, you just apply to your criteria for drawing and you're ready to launch the invitation. An email invitation on your behalf is sent to all members of the group formed. You do not have to worry about access to the member site, the application does the rest. Participants will then be invited to join the group using their browser or via their Android device. They will have to create a wish list that can be accessed by other members of the group at any time (handy when shopping for gifts). When you think it is necessary, you will eventually start draw. To ensure that there are no leaks, no participants will receive draw results by email. It will only be possible to find out when connecting to the group via android device or web site. The application is designed to be used year after year, you do not need to recreate user accounts and more, so you can prevent that someone do not draw the same person two years in a row, guaranteeing you a draw different from year to the next. Pikkado, a must!

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